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  • Size: 14ga(1.6mm) labret bar with inner length 16mm(5/8''),Φ5mm top ball screwed on bar very tightly,uneasy fall off.(Sold as 5pcs packed)

  • Advantage: ① Whole surface is smoonth,no rough edge,will not cut up tongue/mouth. ② Lightweight and inflexibility material,easily concealable. ③ Top ball will not be easily broke or cracked.

  • Function:① Ideal for new piercings that have just healed or for those who are needing an alternative to standard tongue piercings. ② Hiding your piercing if you don't want anyone to notice a tongue piercing. ③ Keep your piercing from closing. ④ Great for wearing for surgery(doesn't interfere with medical stuff like MRIs)

  • Fit for 14G(1.6mm) Tongue Ring/Nipple Ring/Labret Retainer

  • Price for 5pcs,packed with our own LOGO

NewkeepsR 5pcs-14G1.6mm Thickness 16mm5 8'' Length Bioplast Inflexible Clear Tongue Ring Retainer Unnoticeable Flat Labret Spacers